For the Love of The Run

I am tired of running for the love of the metrics. So, I ran for almost three and a half hours today…without my Garmin (*gasp*). It was the most wonderful and freeing feeling in the world. I highly recommend it.

Let me back up. I was thinking about my race, and how I won’t be able to have my GPS the whole time, because the battery won’t last. So I started considering how it would be easier to just bag the GPS altogether, and wear a regular watch to just see time of day. The decision to forego my GPS on race day led me to thinking about my use of technology on a regular basis when I run. I fancy myself to be a person who isn’t controlled by metrics, however, I am an incredibly competitive person (even if only with myself), and the fact of the matter is, if my metrics are something other than what I was hoping for on any given day, it effects how I feel about my run. It colors the lens through which I view my workout, and can change the way in which I feel about myself on that day. When that happens, the sky doesn’t seem as blue, the mountains don’t look as majestic, and the breeze doesn’t feel as refreshing. It changes my love for the run.

The sad part is, I didn’t even realize it.  Sure, some days I switch the watch so I can’t see my pace during my workout. But when I hide the metrics, I still know they are there. I’m still striving for something, and I know that when I’m done I’ll be “rewarded” with the knowledge of how I did. Occasionally, I’ll run without my watch, but it’s always a shorter, recovery run, or some similar workout where pace isn’t as crucial. I would never have dreamed of doing a long run without my watch.

I’m so glad I did, and I don’t see myself going back. I truly and whole-heartedly loved my run today just for the run itself. Now I just need to sell my watch…

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