​Summer is in full swing in the Dzurinko household. Sleeping schedules are wonky, kids are at each other’s throats, it’s hot, and the drama is real. I would be lying if I said early morning wake ups for running during the coolest hours of the day were happening with any consistency. My intentions are good…the alarm gets set, the clothes may not be laid out, but they are at least somewhat planned out in my head, I *think* I know where I left my headlamp…you get the idea. I am the epitome of planning ahead and setting myself up for success, as you can see. 
Due to my awesome organizational skills, I end up running after work most days aside from the weekends, when I do typically get out in the mornings. In the beginning of the summer, I had high hopes for calmer mornings which would lend themselves to pre-work runs. Somehow, this has not been the case, and I have been slogging through afternoon workouts. Interestingly enough, I have learned a few things. First of all, if I am patient enough, I can run a pace that doesn’t make me feel as though my lungs are molten lava in my chest (although sometimes looking at my snail’s pace gives me heart palpitations). Second, there is no shame in walking up a steep hill when the temps are in the 90s, particularly if it means finishing the run vs bagging it early. Finally, I know where all the shade is on my running routes, and I try to capitalize on those areas.

Coffee has been a serious issue lately. It hurts my heart to admit it, but I am currently in a complicated relationship with my favorite beverage. If I drink a cup before any workouts longer than five miles, I have to make multiple pit stops, because my bladder is protesting. If I skip the coffee, I can run long without stopping, however, the first hour is agony.  I’m sluggish, tired, annoyed…it’s not a pretty sight. As of yet, this issue remains unresolved. It took me until mile 10 on Saturday to start feeling like my normal self. That’s a long time to feel crummy, but I sure was thankful when my body started to come around. With that, my attitude improved as well.

Morning running, even with the coffee dilemma, is still more preferable on most days vs running after work. I vow, dear reader, to run at least two of my weekday workouts in the morning this week. Please hold me accountable! Ask me about it, and shake your head disapprovingly if I report failure on that front. Fear of shame and scorn may just be the only way I will change my lazy morning habits!

6 thoughts on “My Habits MUST CHANGE! 

  1. I was amazed on Saturday. You came home after 20 miles looking hot, sweaty, and ready to sit and eat breakfast. After your meal you went into Mommy mode with your three Angels. You met the demands of wife, mommy and still had energy to entertain two house guests. I do not doubt your stamina and motivation to start your runs early mornings before work. Stay strong and kick up some dirt ! Love ya.


  2. You are one of the most dedicated and determined people I know. You didn’t inherit that from me, most likely from your mother. I’m so proud of you and all you do. Love you much

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