Temper, temper!

I promised myself I wouldn’t be ugly today. I would smile and wave at each passing car, like a pageant contestant in a parade, regardless of if they waved first. And if they didn’t wave back, I wouldn’t take it as a personal affront, or an indication of their hatred for runners on the road…that’s what I promised myself, anyway. Spreading the love of Jesus, one mile at a time. Easy, right? Until, that guy in that little pick up truck decided he didn’t need to move over at all as he passed me…despite the fact that this back country road was far from busy, and an extra foot wouldn’t have even put him over the center line. Was he in danger of hitting me? Not really, but why cut it so close? Has he never heard of “pass them like you love them”?  Apparently, he missed that meme on social media, or I feel sorry for his loved ones. In any event, the shoulder in this area is pretty inhospitable, and I held my ground (smart, huh?), and instead blessed him with a certain gesture which will remain unnamed, as my boys occasionally grace the interwebs. I immediately regretted my hot-tempered reaction, and again vowed to be the picture of grace and love on the roadway…which meant I waved to about 65% of passersby. I’m a work in progress, what can I say?

In all, I really had a great run today. Yesterday was an off day, and I have found lately that even if I pushed really hard or ran long the day before my rest day, I feel fantastic the day after. It’s gonna be warm this week, so I either need to be prepared to suffer during afternoon runs, or I need to drag my sorry hiney out of bed early and get it done before it gets too hot. In any event, I had a strong week last week, and am hoping that carries over to this week. Ever since my long run two Fridays ago that I did in the blazing heat, my afternoon hour-long jaunts after work haven’t seemed so bad! However, I do get crabby when I’m hot, so hopefully the drivers on the road will be kind…and I promise to work on my ‘tude.

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